[Womanhood] The importance of educating woman in Islam

I love this video. It shows us how important the education of woman is. If you teach a man, you will teach a man, but if you teach a woman, you will teach a nation. Imagine to be in this time of the Ummah, with so much educated woman around you……… do you feel the difference? My heart feels so much love for all these woman for the sake of Allah.

Today a lot of woman fear of seeking knowledge, they think it is not important, they have no time and so on. But yes, it is important. We should really think about how much important it is.

Sometimes also woman are not allowed to seek knowledge, by different reasons, like the husband do not want it or they have no access to knowledge, no access to lectures or Masjids. It is very important, that woman are working together to find solutions. If there is no possibility for woman, we can try to build it. We can try to organize lectures at the local mosque, or finding an other place where woman can learn together. We should not wait for man doing this for us.

Also the internet gives us a great opportunity to learn about our religion and to connect to other woman. It gives us the possibility to rise our voice, to inspire and to teach others.



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